Changes on selected trimmers and brushcutters

Following user feedback on a number of our trimmers and brushcutters we have made the following changes:

Handle: New design reduces the chance of being attached the wrong way and eliminates the chance of knee-hitting during operation.

Handle fixture: Modified design makes it easer to adjust handle angle and to change to transport position.

Shield: Improved visibility of trimming area during operation whilst retaining protection levels.

Lifting hook: Easier to attach.

Reduced weight: All these changes make the new model slightly lighter than the previous iteration.

The following trimmers and brushcutters have received these improvements. Some model names were updated to reflect these changes:

Updated model names:

C262S --> C263S

T262XS --> T263XS

C262TS --> C263TS

T262TXS --> T263TXS

C280TS --> C281TS

T280TS --> T281TS

C302TS --> C303TS

T302TS --> T303TS

C360T --> C361T

T360T --> T361T