Shindaiwa releases the 410EC chain saw.

Introducing the all-new 410EC from Shindaiwa, a 41.6 cm³ / 1.9 kW chain saw engineered to simplify user experience and increase operational efficiency. The saw is basically identical to the 410 which was released earlier this year, but with one key difference - Electric Control.

Electronic Control

The Electronic Control system in the 410EC is more than a mere feature; it’s a comprehensive system ensuring consistent optimal performance. Here are three examples that demonstrate its prowess:

  1. Start Assistance: No more fussing with chokes. Initiating the 410EC is as straightforward as it gets—prime the bulb, pull the starter cord, and you’re set. Moreover, the saw is equipped with a momentary switch (kill switch), maintaining an "on" status, requiring the switch only to cut the engine after completing your task.
  2. Idle Assistance: Sustains stable RPM during idle periods.
  3. Acceleration Assistance: Offers enhanced acceleration by increasing fuel supply as needed, preventing slowdowns during demanding tasks.

Seamless Start-Up

Bid farewell to intricate starting procedures. With the 410EC, simply press the bulb a few times and pull the cord to get the engine started. Leveraging Electronic Control, this engine ramps up swiftly, optimizing RPM for unparalleled performance and cutting precision, particularly in colder conditions.


From pruning to bucking and firewood cutting, the 410EC excels across various tasks, showcasing unmatched versatility. The EC technology ensures swift transitions from idle to full power.

Key Highlights:

Ease of Operation: Recognized as the most user-friendly petrol saw in its segment.

Effortless Start-Up: Prime, pull, and you’re ready to work—no complications.

Light weight Design: Weighing a mere 4.2 kg and designed with a sleek, compact build for effortless handling.

Technical Specifications:

Dry Weight (kg): 4.2

Engine Displacement (cm³): 41.6

Fuel Consumption at Maximum Engine Power (L/h): 1.04

Fuel Tank Capacity (l): 0.35

Guide Bar Gauge (inch): 0.050

Output (kw): 1.9

Output (ps): 2.6

Saw Chain Pitch (inch): 0.325

Sound Power Level (dB(A)): 109.4

Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)): 100.4

Vibration Front handle/Rear handle (m/s²): 2.7 / 5.3

Compatible Bar Length (cm/inch): 38, 45 / 15, 18

In Conclusion:

The 410EC by Shindaiwa embodies cutting-edge technology and operational simplicity, delivering unparalleled ease of use, reliability, and performance. In keeping with its user-friendly ethos, Shindaiwa has chosen to employ a traditional carburetor, ensuring enthusiasts and professionals accustomed to personalized adjustments and maintenance will find it hassle-free.

View the product page here.