Trouvez ici les réponses aux questions les plus fréquemment posées à propos de Shindaiwa.

Are Shindaiwa tools for professionals?

Shindaiwa's focus has always been on producing the highest quality,

commercial grade tools for people who rely on their tools to make their lving. And that focus has never changed.

Where can I find the operator manual for my Shindaiwa tool?

Operators' manuals can be found in the Support section under Manuals.

Please input your model and the language of the manual you desire. You can then either view online or download the PDF to save and/or print. 

Where can I buy Shindaiwa products?

Use the Distributor Finder to locate your nearest dealer.

Shindaiwa products are sold by our specialist dealers who rigorously check and setup all tools before passing them onto the customer.

Where can I find pricing for my area?

Pricing for your region will in most cases be listed on your distributor’s website.

If not, you will find their contact details for any enquiries. Please use the Distributor Finder to locate your nearest distributor. 

What warranty does Shindaiwa offer?

Shindaiwa warranties are unrivalled in the industry.

We offer a 5 year warranty for OPE products used domestically and a 2 year warranty for OPE products used commercially. We are able to offer such long warranties because we thoroughly believe in the construction standards and dependability of all our tools.

What kind of servicing and after care does Shindaiwa offer?

Shindaiwa dealers offers a robust care program.

The benefit of buying from a Shindaiwa dealer is that you not only get a tool that's been checked and tuned up, but a point of contact for future maintenance, servicing and advice. Shindaiwa dealers are experts and there to assist with all your needs. Our dealers only stock official Shindaiwa parts that are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards possible. 

What is the meaning of life?

We're still working on the answer. One thing we can tell you

is that doing something you love, being productive and of value to those around you, are certainly part of the answer. If you work it out, then drop us a line through our contact form!